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Wild Women – A small safari in Africa is captured by a tribe of white jungle women.


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Movie rating: 3.5 Star Rating: Recommended

American big game hunter Kirby and his Italian friend, Count Michelangelo Sparafucile, Jr., are on an African safari led by their guide Sungu. One evening after they make camp, Sungu is surprised to find his American friend Trent unconscious on the ground. Trent is carried back to camp and upon awakening utters the words “Ulama, white sirens of Africa,” then faints again. Trent recovers by the next morning and explains that he had lived in Africa as a boy years earlier: Trent and his widower father live in a thatched hut in the jungle. One day before leaving, Trent’s father warns him that the Ulama, a feared female ruled tribe, are poised to attack a nearby village. Trent’s father then orders him to stay in the hut for his own safety. Despite his father’s admonition, Trent follows him through the jungle and encounters several Ulama warriors, one of whom knocks his father unconscious with a rock. That night, the villagers participate in ceremonies with hopes of warding off further attacks by the women warriors. Trent now resumes his story, revealing that he returned to the United States, but never forgot the Ulama. Trent continues his story by noting that a few weeks earlier, he and Sungu were on a safari during which Trent heard the cry of the Ulama: Trent runs to find the source of the cry but falls into a ravine. Sungu and their porters flee, rather than encounter the Ulama, and Trent is forced to wander without food or water for days until he sees Kirby and Sparafucile’s camp. Trent is now determined to locate the Ulama and, after hearing about how beautiful the women are, Kirby and Sparafucile happily agree to join him. The expedition takes them toward the mountains, but Sungu and the porters abandon them out of fear. Sparafucile is the first to be taken hostage by the Ulama, who inspect him much as a buyer would inspect a horse. He then meets the Queen, who speaks rudimentary English and, finding him flawed, orders that he be burned to death. Kirby and Trent, hoping to rescue their friend, observe the incident from behind a boulder but are also captured. Rather than be put to death immediately, Sparafucile is forced to prepare a meal while his friends are kept in a cave and dine on watermelons. The men are later taken to see the Queen’s many husbands, who perform the tribe’s domestic chores. After the Queen explains that she killed her last husband when he tried to run away, Kirby and Trent realize that she is looking for another husband. To determine who will be the Queen’s next husband, they are forced to compete in wrestling matches against Ulama warriors. Trent wins the match, and is designated the Queen’s new fiancé, while Kirby loses and is sentenced to the same fate as Sparafucile. The wedding preparations begin but when one of the Queen’s jealous warriors challenges her to a knife fight, another warrior named Owoona helps all three captives escape. The Queen is soon alerted and sends her warriors after them, but Kirby and Trent ignite firecrackers at their campsite, which frightens the Ulama into retreat. When he observes a budding romance between Trent and Owoona, Sparafucile leads them in an operatic song as they trek back to civilization.

Director: Norman Dawn

Lewis Wilson, Dana Broccoli, Frances Dubay

Reason of the public domain status: Registered in the year it was made, but not renewed with the Library of Congress.

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I saw this cheesy marvel of a flick under the “Something Weird 2000″ filmfestival under the name “Bowanga! Bowanga!” with an introduction in person by The Mighty Monarch of Exploitation, David Friedman (Bloodfeast, 2000 Maniacs, Erotic Adventures Of Zorro etc.). Three white bozos are lookin’ for the lost tribe of “the white sirens” in “Africa”. Our merry trio witness lots of footage from several mondo jungleflicks: Tigers, elephants and even a moose!?! Finally they find the amazon tribe which captures the men. The tribeleader keeps the strongest man for breedin'(!) and the rest are to be sacrificed to the almighty sungod. But the other “sirens” revolt and our trio makes an narrow escape. The End. All the sirens are wearing zebra stribed bikinis, panties with matching high heels! They all learn English pretty fast and with different accents! Fans of “Wild Women Of Wongo” and “Cat Women Of The Moon” should check out this wonderful wacky junglegirl epic which is definitely pre-PC Hollywood.

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