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It Can Be Done Amigo – A drifter with fast fists and a gunfighter- pimp with fast guns help a child to claim his inheritance.


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It Can Be Done Amigo Movie Streaming

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An outspoken boy and a gunfighter-pimp save a drifter’s life from hanging. The boy’s uncle dies, leaving a house and some dry, useless land to the boy. The dying uncle has obtained the drifter’s promise to help the boy get what is his. Meanwhile the gunfighter has decided that the drifter should marry his daughter after being with her previously. The two get into a series of brawls and shoot-outs until they arrive in the town and find the boy’s inheritance -which turns out not to be as useless as it first appears.

Director: Maurizio Lucidi Writers: Ernesto Gastaldi (story), Rafael Azcona (screenplay)

Bud Spencer, Jack Palance and Renato Cestiè

Reason of the public domain status: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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User reviews:
This is a funny spoof about several Spaghetti cliché with relentless comedy and parodying usual Western events that sometimes becomes stale . This is a good entertaining juvenile for Bud Spencer fans , as he’s delightful in a fraternal story . It packs action, fist-play, sniping, slapdash , humor with tongue-and-cheek and is quite amusing . It deals with Coburn (Bud Spencer or Carlo Perdesoli) an insouciant , bumbling drifter who breaks out from prison and attempts to right wrongs . He embarks on his getaway and he gets stuck a ten years old little boy (Renato) . The boy’s uncle dies, leaving a house , useless land to the child but is actually plenty of petroleum that is coveted by a priest-sheriff-judge (Francisco Rabal) and his hoodlums (Salvatore Borghese , Riccardo Pizzuti) . Hiram Coburn oblivious to risks and hopeless odds endure mishaps adventures and he join forces with the child to rout nasty gunmen . Meanwhile, the gunfighter Sonny Bronston (Jack Palance) going out the chase of Coburn to marry his sister (Dany Saval) and the baddies want to take the rich lands. This release has some cool and several hilarious moments , though the Terence Hill-Bud Spencer duo films are much better such as ¨They call me trinity¨, ¨Trinity is still my name¨ and ¨Truoblemakers¨ . Good for laughs as well as lots of shootouts and fist-play . The film isn’t always good , sometimes is fresh and diverting and on a couple of memorable occasions , it’s frankly delicious . The flick belong to the sub-genre that Bud Spencer played in which he has as partners as ¨Supersheriff¨, ¨Banana Joe¨, Flatfoot¨ and ¨Aladdin¨. The film displays a wide plethora of secondary actors usually seen in Spaghetti genre as Sal Borghese , Ricardo Pizzuti, Luciano Pigozzi or Alan Collins and Robert Camardiel as old drunk. The movie displays innumerable laughters , jokes and slapstick though relies heavily about the continuous relationship between the tired gunslinger and the orphaned boy . Enjoyable but silly screenplay Ernesto Gastaldi and Rafael Azcona . Catching musical score with noisy songs by Luis Enrique Bacalov who subsequently would win Oscar for ¨The postman¨ . This motion picture is professionally directed by Maurizio Luzidi . Although Maurizio couldn’t be deemed an “A”-list director, his movies had a professionalism and a verve that many of those made by his fellow B directors lacked . He was a fine editor and also filmed detective thrillers , Giallo , comedy and even a horror film or two . He directed two Western more as ¨La grand rapina del West¨ with George Hilton and Jack Betts and ¨Pecos¨ with Robert Woods , and even made films with international cast as ¨Sweet people¨ with Roger Moore and Stacy Keach and ¨The last chance¨ with Elli Wallach and Ursula Andress . His greatest conquest was the edition of ¨Don Quijote¨ by Orson Welles . Rating : 5,5 . Acceptable , passable but average . Rating : Mediocre , 4,5 . It is an average Western story in which gibing the Spaghetti genre, plenty of brawls and shoot’em up . As the director Mauricio Lucidi is uninspired and the ending is pretty predictable .

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