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Horror Express – An English anthropologist has discovered a frozen monster in the frozen wastes of Manchuria which he believes may be the Missing Link…


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In 1906, in China, Professor Alexander Saxton discovers an ancient frozen fossil in the remote Province of Szechuan. He brings the remains of the being in a box to Shanghai and boards a trans-Siberian train, where he meets his acquaintance Dr. Wells. During the trip, a life force trapped in the frozen creature is released, killing and stealing the memories of the passengers.

Director: Eugenio Martín Writers: Arnaud d’Usseau (screenplay), Julian Zimet (screenplay)

Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Alberto de Mendoza

Reason of the public domain status: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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Pardon my enthusiasm but Horror Express really is a must see for all fans of classic horror. It simply is one of the best horror movies made in the seventies and I can’t think of many aspects about it that are negative. First of all it stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. There.that should already be enough as a recommendation. These gentlemen are one THE greatest duo in horror ever and they didn’t do their finest work just for Hammer Studio’s exclusively. And the fun doesn’t stop with these two icons.Horror Express also stars Telly `Kojak’ Savalas in a delightful role. It’s actually a shame that his screentime is rather limited because he manages to impress as much as Lee and Cushing. He clearly enjoyed playing Captain Kazan and he makes the most of his performance. But Horror Express has a lot more to offer than just good acting. It’s a powerful and fascinating story that delivers a good old fashioned amount of scares and atmosphere. The entire story takes place on a old train which is the ideal setting for a film like this. The old and noisy carriages create a unique atmosphere of claustrophobia and the `nowhere to run’-element is used to the max. The plotline itself surprisingly good and it keeps you alert during the entire movie. This is also thanks to the several other, interesting topics that are included in the movie like anthropology, religion and the evolution-theory. Sure, the entire screenplay is illogical and the plot contains as many holes as a small Swiss cheese but – seriously – who cares. I prefer this kind of silly inspiration and creativity a million times over the horror crap they make nowadays !! Horror Express is – simply put – a must see ! I’d even say it’s essential viewing if you’re looking for the highlights in the genre. It’s original, creepy ( even pretty bloody and violent ), it contains enough humor to moderate things and most of’s very entertaining. Climb on board and find yourself a seat.Horror Express is one movie you won’t regret watching !!

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